Redesigning/Rebuilding website while current site stays live?

Hello WP community!

I just took over marketing and web management for the company I work for. We are going to do a website overhaul – total redesign, rebuild (the back end of the site is really cluttered, confusing, and hard for me to edit. The person who created it used Avada Builder, which I have come to totally despise!)

My question is – for someone who is not an expert in WP or really very tech savvy at all, what is the easiest way to do this while the current site remains live? I would like to just be able to switch them out/activate the new one once it’s complete.

I have found a few different methods online but wanted to know what you all have found to truly be the simplest, most reliable way to do this.

Thank you!!

  1. clone it to a staging site – make the changed – migrate back to ‘old site’ once ready.

    Good choice to get away from Avada…

  2. I always create a clone or using subdomain to recreate/redesign. Once its done and flawless, just transfer to the old ones.

  3. Create a separate staging site and make changes there before merging back to the live site.

    Avada is a steaming pile and I wish I didn’t have to deal with it.


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