Redirect an anchor URL to anchor URL on the same page

You can find the answer here:

there is no possibility for that ? or can create a custom function on that?

or just can use / for this plugin? @johnny5

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No, as it explains in the guide this is a restriction enforced by how browsers work, not by Redirection itself. The # is not sent to the server and therefore it cannot be used in a redirect.

Do you have any suggestions for replacing the #? @johnny5

As explained in the guide you will need to use JavaScript. This is not something Redirection does.

sorry im a newbie at this, can you tell me how I can use JavaScript on this? have any references? because I just custom it on function.php for my custom themes @johnny5

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I can only help with Redirection here. You can probably find help in another forum, and I’m Google will lead you to some code you can use.

okay, thankyou for the answer

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