Redirect hacking


So, i work at a car dealership, and today, as i entered the website, it redirected to another one, in this case a random chinese website.

It’s not the first time it happens, it already happened once, but it was on a listing. I don’t know much about code, but in the first time it happened on that listing, i just changed the url, and it just stopped redirecting to that website.

Today it’s a bit different, it’s affecting the whole website. Every Single Page.


Is there anyway i can get rid of this. I checked the back-office and there is no recent back-ups, so that’s not an option…

I went to Cpanel, and started reading some code, although i don’t know much, and there are some files, with redirects to german sports betting websites, but even those redirects go to the chinese website.

I’m kind of lost on what to do.

Just in case someone asks the url of the dealership website is [](

Thanks in advance if someone can help


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