Reduce space between gallery items in desktop view

If you want to reduce space between 2 columns please use large size photos or alternative way is on desktop show 4 items in one row

Hello! But I am using the classic editor. My theme and blocks editor have some bugs and the galleries are not working properly. So there is no way? The images are good on desktop (size).

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that gallery you have implement through “Gutenberg” editor or any other plugin?

Okay, so I am using the block gallery, it goes for two columns in mobiles, but the last image is too big, how I change that?

here is an image:


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That Gutenberg block you have used?

Could you possible to record a short video about the gallery that you implement?

It is the gallery you sent a print, the normal one:

Please go to Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS and then add that code

#gallery-2 .gallery-item{
    width: 25%;

If not work then remove and add that code please

#gallery-2 .gallery-item{
    width: 25% !important;

Hello, tried both, the last image stills very big.

Maybe we need to use .wp-block-gallery on that css? I used to clean up captions and it worked. But I do not understand, I just try and pray it works.

On my side show like that

View post on

I did not changed that one to blocks yet

Hallo @jawad1234 found the code, but I tried the 25% it was messed up: figure.wp-block-image:not(#individual-image) a, figure.wp-block-image:not(#individual-image) img {
    flex: 1 0 0%;
    height: 100%;
    object-fit: cover;
    width: 100%;

I don’t know how to fix it, I am changing all site galleries to the blocks, like the one you showed me, just need to fix the last image.


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