Relevanssi and TranslatePress |

Hello Relevanssi development team. May have peace and happiness at work and in life.

I’m trying to figure out if Relevanssi can index and search pages translated with the WordPress plugin TranslatePress ( I think the answer is no because of how TranslatePress saves its translated text data in the database but I just wanted to double-check with you to make sure.

It seems as when you have translated a page to a new language, then TranslatePress doesn’t actually save the translated page in the database. Instead, it only saves the individual translated phrases in a table named wp_trp_dictionary_en_us_sv_se in my case. Then, when a website visitor visits the translated page, TranslatePress will create the webpage on the fly?

My main question is do you know of any way to get Relevanssi to index and search translated page contents?


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