Reliable and cheap backups with Updraftplus and Scaleway Object Storage

For a while I have been looking for the ideal solution for WordPress backups, without having to pay the top price for different plugins and storage. After trying a number of solutions, I am convinced that I have found the ideal solution. Here’s a short explanation, maybe it will help you.

On the WordPress side, I use [UpdraftPlus]( Not really very surprising or innovative, but a very stable plugin with a lot of integration for external storage services. I make daily backups, via the “S3-Compatible (Generic)” option. This option is part of the free version of the plugin.

On the storage side I use [Scaleway Object Storage](, a European Cloud provider with a wide range of services. They offer a Free tier of 75 GB or One-Zone storage + 75 GB or free egress, enough to safely store a large number of backups. Configuring the service within UpdraftPlus works with [API keys]( that you configure in the Scaleway dashboard.

Another tip: make sure your cron jobs are working properly, that will ensure that UpdraftPlus works properly and gets enough resources to function.

I hope it helps someone! 🙂


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