Remove Cache Buster for WooCommerce Users


First of all, this plugin is great. It works really well, is super intuitive and the website is super fast.

I use WooCommerce and I have a question. The Cache Buster is super useful if you are admin of the website since you can bypass Cloudflare cache and check if your website is good. If I visit my website in Incognito I don’t get the Cache Buster and that’s great.

But my question is for my costumers. If they register in my website has costumers, they will also bypass the Cloudflare and have the links with swcfpc=1 at the end because they are logged-in. This has a negative impact on the perceived performance of the website because they will not benefeit from this plugin.

So my question is if I can disbale Cache Buster based on roles. Is it possible?

Thank you 🙂


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