Remove redundant CSS scripts and tags/classes


I’m optimizing my WP website by hand and trying not to use any plugins as possible for speed. (such as optimizing tools/plugins). So far so good, made some good progress. However. there are two things which i am having trouble with.

1. there are some reundant CSS links such as: <link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’css’ href=’http://webcom/wp-content/themes/assets/css/minified/main.min.css’ media=’all’ /> that I want removed/not loaded in. Where and how do I do this?

2. some css loads .woocommerce tags/classes, i don’t use .woocommerce at all. can I use a hook/filter to stop/block prevent WordPress from loading all these .woocommerce tags/classes?

I did find one very good light weight plugin called “Debloat – Remove Unused CSS, Optimize JS”, however the “Exclude Styles”, “Target Stylesheets” and “Exclude Stylesheets” feature doesn’t work.

Thank you!


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