Removing Category “Pages” and Links – How to simplify menus?

I have an issue with categories and child pages in my menus.

When you click on the parent menu, in my case this is Resources, it will show you the child pages such as restaurants, information, or contact for me. However, if you’re not proficient with mobile apps or pages and click on resources itself it goes to a 404 error page.

The simple thing for me to do is to redirect every category to the home page so that you have to click on the sub menu items but what I would like to do is have the category go no where and thus force a user to make a selection on the sub menu items.

Does anyone have a plugin or code suggestion for me? Is this something that can be fixed with tags? Despite being familiar with wordpress, sub menus are new to me.

Would appreciate any insight or alternative solutions.

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  1. In the menu editor, create a Custom Link called “Resources” and give it a URL of #

    Use that to replace the existing Resources menu.


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