[REQUEST] Plugin Beta Testers and Early Adopters wanted to discuss about Plugin

Hey there! I created a plugin and am looking for beta testers.

The plugin does do the following:
It is useful for automatically finding visual bugs on a website.

Basically it takes before/after screenshots and compares them to show you visual differences.

This is very useful for updates or when you want to check a broken client’s website or just make a daily check, to check that your website still looks the same as yesterday.

The product will cost something monthly but now it’s still for free as I am looking for people to test it and share feedback.

Since the product is not for sale yet, we want to develop it with the community and create something that is useful for every WordPress website. So your feedback is essential.

I give away free access to it, so you can use it and share feedback. It is actually very useful and i am already testing it on my clients’ websites.

More information here: [https://wp-bug-detector.com/](https://wp-bug-detector.com/)

Under this link you find a survey, where when you fill it out, you will get directly to the download link: [https://wp-bug-detector.com/tester-survey/](https://wp-bug-detector.com/tester-survey/)

We are also having a discord channel, where we talk about possible features, bugs and improvements. If you are interested, PM me and i can invite you.

Would be really cool to get some feedback. You can also just comment everything you think of here.

Do you have issues, where you do updates on your client’s website and then you are not sure, if something might have changed, that you cannot see? How do you currently deal with it?


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