Request to use SemVer |

Hey there,

Thanks for this plugin, it’s one of the first we install on all our new WP projects.

I’d like to request that Semantic Versioning is used for release numbers, if possible. We install plugins through the wpackagist repository with composer which by default installs updates to the latest minor version.

For example, when you run composer require wpackagist-plugin/disable-gutenberg the latest version is locked in the composer.lock file, and the composer json will contain something like:

"wpackagist-plugin/disable-gutenberg": "^3.0",

Meaning running composer update will allow updates to any version >= 3.0 && < 4.0

A lot of our WP sites are currently using the ^2.4 range as this was the latest version when we installed the plugin. This means we can’t update to the latest version of the plugin by simply running composer update as we would like to, we need to manually edit the composer.json file and update the version constraint to ^3.0 first.

Looking at the version history for the plugin, it appears there are no backwards incompatible or breaking changes between 2.9 and 3.0, so theoretically the 3.0 release could have been 2.10. I understand this is entirely your prerogative but on the principle of “don’t ask you don’t get” I figured it was worth raising here 🙂

Cheers, Andy


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