Retain existing User ID |

When importing users how can I retain the existing user IDs?
The documentation states:

id (column id)You can use a column called id in order to make inserts or updates of an user using the ID used by WordPress in the wp_users table. We have two different cases:

  • If id doesn’t exist in your users table: WordPress core does not allow us insert it, so it will throw an error of kind: invalid_user_id
  • If id exists: plugin check if username is the same, if yes, it will update the data, if not, it ignores the cell to avoid problems

When importing with the default source_user_id column the plugin reindexes users. If i rename the source_user_id to id the import fails. If I duplicate the column source_user_id as id the import fails. I believe it is possible to retain the existing ID’s for each user but the documentation is unclear how to make this work.



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