Retrieve data in JSON format from an external API and insert it into a template?

Hi everybody,

I’ll try to describe my problem as precisely and clearly as possible:

I’m creating a WordPress site for a real estate agency, which currently uses a software to manage their properties and listings. I bought a template (RealHomes) to use on their site, and I would like to retrieve the data from this software to display it dynamically on my WordPress site – using the API provided by the software, which will therefore send me JSON data streams.

**My main question is**: how do I display this raw data on the site using the theme I purchased? Do I need to set up the API in the theme’s archive-property.php file (already existing), and how do I format the JSON data to appear in Elementor blocks (the plug-in used by the theme) in HTML/CSS format?

And finally, how can I make sure that when the person clicks on one of the housing cards, a page dedicated to this specific housing is displayed, with all the information I would have retrieved from the API? Should I use the single-property.php file (which also exists)?


I thank you in advance for your help – I must admit that between the different plug-ins that exist, the configuration of an API, the CPT, the shortcodes, etc… I’m a bit lost 😅


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