Reviews problems |


2 problems i have noticed to fix :

1) When a user leaves a review, then there is no way he can edit it in the future, if he wants to change his review or add an information

the only way i found on plugin settings > moderation is a setting so that IF a user leaves a second review then it would replace the first one ! without informing the user at first !
thats wrong ! imagine a user leaves a big review of 100 words, then he would like to add a small info and realize he can’t edit his first review so he will add this small info as a second review and then he realizes his first review has been deleted and replaced by the small info !! of course this is wrong

please allow users to edit their reviews > thats the best solution

2) In user dashboard, it would be nice to see all reviews left by a user in a tab, so that he can easily find all his reviews and if needed edit / update one of them (see 1))

Thank you for your understanding


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