Rotating AdSense Ads |

Hi Pat,

Thanks for asking this question.

Google does not allow refreshing ads on the same spot.

If you choose other forms of ad rotations, e.g., the ordered or random mode that loads another ad when a user loads a page, you don’t collidate with the AdSense policy.

However, I can’t assure you that a different (but technically identical) ad block will show another ad content. Your motive to trigger AdSense in this way is very clever. But Google Ads (the advertiser side of AdSense) works by keywords and regions.

I think your plan could work at least partially if you choose different formats for the two AdSense blocks, e.g., display ads vs. multiplex ads or fixed-size ads vs. responsive ads. In this scenario, you can also embed these two ad units in the same content to check the ad content in your frontend.

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