“See more” links are not showing

It appears that the “More” block has been deprecated in Twenty Twenty-Four, and replaced by the “Read More” block.

See this: https://app.screencast.com/vprsHz7CLESo5

And this: https://app.screencast.com/cfxk50hGbTbE8

Check your posts to ascertain which block is currently present in each post.

Thank you for your answer.

I tried your suggested changes, however it didn’t give the expected results.

  1. It created a visible “Read more” link in my article, linking to the same page
  2. On my home page, a lot more text was shown for this article instead of just the introduction

To determine the problem, you might create a test post and try different combinations of the associated blocks.

I ran into your issue when I first transitioned my test website to Twenty Twenty-Four (from Twenty Twenty-Three), and hence my initial response (above) fixed the issue on that website.

in my case it is a brand new website, the default theme was Twenty Twenty-Four.

I will experiment further tomorrow. Thank you!

This might help:

“The More Block works only for Posts, (not Pages).”

Note the “Block Settings:”

[Edit to add]

Note that:

…Is described as a “Theme Block.”

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I finally found the solution.

I was using the “List of posts, 1 column” composition.

When you add it, there is a text “Add “read more” link text” after each post. All this time I thought it was just a way of telling me that the query loop is adding the “read more” link here. Turns out it is actually instructing me to add the “read more” link.

I did that and now it’s working properly.

I have no idea why this “read more” link is not included in the composition in the first place.


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