Seeking advice for wordpress websites as a career?

Hi, I started creating websites 10 years ago just for fun. Never published any website online just working on my local device. but I’ve never finished any “serious”project, jumping from idea to idea, Never sticking into learning a language but I understand how they work (starter level) not complex code.

Recently I discovered that I really want to follow this path and replace my boring job. A month ago I was talking with a friend who was opening a barber shop and, I told him with no hesitation that I can make his website for free, even though I never did it before.

The job was a success, I managed to get him a decent website (custom design), domain and up and running in less than a week. Total cost 46€ domain + hosting.

My questions are.
1) what is a great way to get customers
2) tips to find value for money hosts domains etc.
(If I try to buy a second slot for a second wordpress website the price goes up to 140€ I used bluehost
3) let’s say for example that in the future I create 10 websites, how do I manage to handle all of them together? Do I buy from a single hosting company with a single account and add slots each time
4) what workflow works for you best
5) how do you value your work and how do you get paid. (Monthly / yearly)
6) Do you charge in advance for the next years and what is the profit margin?

I’m not willing to work for free anymore, I did my first website for free, they paid me only the domain cost and the server.
I just need some guidance in this questions or any other tip to help me.

Thank you for your time

EDIT: I used localwp and then mitigated the website


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