Seeking Advice on Building a Fighter Statistics Website – CMS & Approach Suggestions Needed!


I’m in the process of conceptualizing a website dedicated to providing detailed statistics on fighters – think but with a more analytical focus on metrics like wins, losses, punches thrown, punches hit, etc.

**Here’s my vision:**

1. **Core Data Source:** I plan to maintain all the fighter statistics in a spreadsheet format with each fighter represented in rows and the various metrics (like wins, losses, punches, etc.) in columns.
2. **Fighter Cards:** On the website, I envision “fighter cards” that show these stats, possibly as percentages. For instance, if column A1 represents wins and A2 losses for a specific fighter, the website might display a win ratio calculated from these columns.
3. **Fighter Comparison Tool:** Another essential feature would be the ability for users to compare two fighters side by side. Users could pull up a fighter card, type in another fighter’s name, and get a comparative analysis of their stats.
4. **Rankings:** A dedicated page where fighters are ranked, similar to how UFC does it.
5. **News Tab:** This will primarily be an embed of YouTube videos for fight news and updates.

Given that I’m not a website developer, my primary concern is finding a user-friendly CMS that can handle these requirements with ease, especially updating the stats. I also want to ensure that the chosen CMS/platform will not hinder the site’s scalability or performance in the future.

I aim to hire a company or a freelancer to develop this site, but I want to be well-informed before making a decision, so I don’t end up with a platform that’s ill-suited for my needs.

**Seeking your insights on:**

1. Recommended CMS for such a project.
2. Essential questions to ask or things to consider when hiring a developer/company.
3. Any potential pitfalls or challenges I should be wary of.
4. If there’s an existing tool or platform that closely aligns with this idea that I could potentially leverage.

I truly appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or advice you can provide.

Thank you in advance!


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