Seeking Advice on WooCommerce Fix

Hey guys,

I’m helping my brother-in-law fix a problem with a WooCommerce shop. It’s a checkout problem

Basically we have a Portuguese plug-in to offer Portuguese payment options. In his company website, when chosen, they don’t work very well. Bank Refference doesn’t work, and the portuguese payment app works, kind of. Payment goes through, but still triggers an error on woocommerce

The error is a 500 on Ajax-checkout. I tried contacting the guys who made the plug-in, they just said “it should work, fuck off”. Granted I tested it in a copy I made of his website in my domain, and it works perfectly. Problem is I actually can’t replicate the error in the copied website. I installed the same plugins in both, still the same result

I deleted Woocommerce and everything Woocommerce related from his website (used wc_drop_all_data and some other functions), installed a fresh copy of Woocommerce and the payment app, still doesn’t work

So for the life of me, I can’t figure out where the error comes from. What seems to be happening, is the checkout page thinks there was an error because it doesn’t detect any immediate payment, as both methods require additional steps like confirming on the Portuguese app and doing a wire transfer. These additional steps work in my sample copy of his website, but they don’t work in his website

Does anybody have any idea of how to solve this? Or a workaround? Maybe throw in an exception to truly check if that specific payment gateway worked?

Thank you in advance, any help will be fine as I’m truly stuck
Kind regards


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