Selling wordpress sites that use (paid) plugins

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing around with wordpress and elementor and other plugins for a while now and I am looking into the possibility of selling websites made with wordpress (and plugins, because I figure that is how everything keeps working after the handoff). I design these websites locally with Localwp.

But I can’t figure out how the whole business thing would go. I have paid subscriptions and can make several websites with my wordpress subscription, can design several websites with Elementor Pro subscription for example, but how do I hand this over to the client? Do they need their own subscriptions, can I transfer mine?

I want to make clear it is just about designing a website visually and entering and maybe managing the content. I might offer something like a service to keep everything updated on that front but would like to not be responsible for amything else.

Is there anyone who works similarly to this who can explain how this would work?


  1. Have a look at worldpressit website. I usually advise client to sign up with them for all plugins costs about 10-15$ for a monthly membership to a whole lot of plugins and themes.

    Alternatively you can sign up and manage this from your side, as you will be able to make use of these plugins over several sites.

  2. In my opinion, the client should own the necessary licences for all paid plugins in use on their website. This makes for an easy changeover in the event that they leave you to go elsewhere.

    Plus, it’s their website. They should be covering the operating costs (which plugin subscriptions should fall under).

    You can still then perform necessary updates/maintenance, without the need to deal with plugin payments or the purchasing of more expensive multi-site versions of licences etc…


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