Send Product Guide On Click

Hi Everyone!

I have a client who wants to create a vendor portal as part of their current website. One feature that they’ve requested is the ability for vendors to send our product manuals/spec sheets to potential buyers. We have all of them already uploaded on our site, we just want to add the ability to click a button and send it to the person’s email (or phone number…but at the very least, their email). Does anyone know of a plugin that does this? is this a function of gravity forms?

TIA for your help!

  1. You describe this:

    PDFs in media library. YOU have a button somewhere which, when clicked, emails a PDF to X prospect.

    That does not exist. You would normally have the files locally and send as attachment.

    If you actually mean THE PROSPECT can click a link – then this is just adding a button with the PDF as target – and yes, they can download it.

    But I wonder if what you mean is the VENDOR can visit your site, and send YOUR manual to a prospect? Again, yes, they could download it and then email it off.

    But no, they can’t just click a button to email – your site would have to have the email. And there’s no point in them typing the client email and sending the PDF – when they could just download it and attach… and creating the conditional logic, or multiple forms, to enable the ‘button’ would be madness.


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