Setting up a new WordPress Site.

Does anyone have some good guide they can link to set up a new website? I’m having a hard time navigating all the stuff.

Actually I first set up a []( and thought that was wrong because I was getting a message “your account is pending approval” so I cancelled the A2 hosting I had set up and moved on []( But I think I actually need [](

I am setting up a food and lifestyle website/blog and I intend also selling items and probably have affiliate links, maybe also ads. If somebody knows which wordpress option is best, I would reallly appreciate that a lot.

Just spent the last 5 hours trying to figure out which option is best. 😀

  1. You won’t need to host on [](, it’s easier if you can PM me and I can help you setting up the basic with a better hosting that won’t cost you much.

  2. Self-hosted on So for example, pay for 1 year of hosting, install WordPress with one click, and then you can start navigating your next bigger problem of what themes and plugins to use.


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