Should WordPress developers learn How to Develop Plugins?

Hello, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day.

I’m a web developer mainly using Laravel and Next.js for my Projects, but lately(a month or so) i started learning WordPress and in the Course that i’m Watching have a dedicated Section about Plugins Development, this is when i started questioning if learning how to develop Plugins is a Skill every WordPress developer should have.

I would love to Know your opinions on this topic

  1. there’s no big philosophy behind it, it’s just a php function in a file written by chatgpt lol

    in all seriousness, wp developers try to minimize the amount of plugins they install and write their own. I write simple ones, I don’t have knowledge or time for something complicated or convoluted.

    I don’t think you should worry too much about it now. Depending on what you do, I guess you will be able to write simple ones, and more complicated ones will not be cost-effective and those are probably secure enough for starters anyways.

  2. Keep in mind that all plugin and theme code are basically the same. The only difference is how it gets packaged.

    When you build custom features into a custom theme, you are learning the things needed to build your plugin. The developer docs show how to put a plugin together, but the most important part is how you’re properly coding for WordPress.

    Learning how to package the plugin would be useful AFTER you’re skilled with WordPress development.

  3. only if they wanna be called DEVELOPERS.

    not talking about you of course, working with laravel means you know your stuff. but all the page builder using power users calling themselves developers irks me sometimes 😀

  4. Well it seems there is money to be made making another translation plugin..


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