Simple Horizontal Scrolling Menu Plugin

Hi there, I have searched Google and the WordPress [plugin repository]( for far too long. I would like to make an in page menu that links to anchors along the page. I want a simple horizontal menu that scrolls but I simply cannot find a plugin to do it. I basically need a carousel menu. A perfect example can be seen if you scroll down a bit to find the sticky menu on this page: [](

I used an Elementor menu on the page but it refuses to stay on a single line, the menu is quite large and takes up 2-3 lines. I got CSS code from ChatGPT but it does not work no matter how many revisions the bot gives me.

Can someone please assist me to make a menu as shown in the above link?

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. I will buy you a coffee if you have a Patreon link etc.

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