Simple Plugin for Staff Directory and Staff profile on Intranet Site?

Hi guys,

To preface, I am not a Web Developer and have no PHP knowledge, I’m a Sysadmin.

I’m in the process of migrating our Self-Hosted Intranet Site from Joomla to WordPress.

The reason for that is that our Joomla site is super outdated and after updating PHP/Joomla, the Template won’t work anymore, neither will many of the plugins. WordPress seems to have a much bigger community, that’s why we’re going for that.

On our old Site, we used the Joomla Contact Enhanced plugin to display a Staff directory grouped by Department. It was basically a table showing each User/Contact with their Phone number, E-Mail, etc.

I’ve installed ACF on WordPress and created some Custom Fields for the Information, but I have no idea how to actually use those. People just say “Use a custom post type” everywhere, but with no php knowledge it doesn’t seem that easy.

Isn’t there a plugin similar to contact enhanced for WordPress? It just needs to have some simple custom fields and be able to display an employee/user profile page with a Photo as well as a directory of all the users/employees. And optimally a Search box to search for the employees.

Some pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Ive added some Images as an example.

[Directory view for one Department])


[Single Employee View])


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