Single Menu Item CSS Help!

Hello World! I’m having trouble with using custom CSS to change the font of a single menu item. This single menu item uses Arabic text (the rest is English), and the font family it’s currently using doesn’t work very well with it.

I gave the menu item a custom CSS class ‘.langswitch’ (can you guess what it does?). However, when I put the code in the ol’ Additional CSS pane I’m seeing no difference.

/* Language Switcher Font Change */
.main-navigation .langswitch a {
font-family: “Noto Sans Arabic”, sans-serif !important;}

I’m fairly new to this, and have been struggling with this for way too much time now – so I’m calling in the big guns – Reddit. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Is the menu name important? (mine is called ‘RISE MENU ENG’).

Many many thanks!


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