Site Kit encountered an error

Hi @sisalik thanks for getting in touch and sharing these details. Could you please share some further information to help us look into this for you.

  1. Your Site Health information. You can use this form to share privately if preferred.
  2. Do you see any console errors when seeing this error on the dashboard?
  3. Do you see experience the same issue when accessing through an Incognito window?

Could I also check if you have tried a Site Kit reset? If not could you please try this and set the plugin back up to see if you get the same issue. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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I didn’t find a place to reset it, that’s why I turned to you. I didn’t have any other choice except to disable the plugin. Re-enabling didn’t fix that.

Today after re-re-enabling I was able to do everything and saw the “menu”: Connected Services, Connect More Services, Admin Settings. Since the plugin was broken, I wasn’t able to reset it.


  1. This is not necessary anymore.
  2. Can’t check that anymore, but probably not.
  3. Can’t check anymore, but this error was in admin panel not public, so I need to log in anyway and Incognito window shouldn’t change anything.

@sisalik Okay so can you confirm that you can no longer see this error message and are able to use and connect Site Kit?

Yes, it’s fixed for now

@sisalik Glad to hear this, I will mark the topic as resolved but please do get back in touch if you experience any further issues.


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