Site redirects to expired donation and cannot enter the admin panel

So I created a wordpress site for the company in working at (3 years ago). The site is on a .uk domain and also the domain works. The domain redirects to the .uk domain though. So far so good. But a month ago the .uk domain expired but as it’s registered to my boss’s email, he didn’t notify me. So now the problems begin. The site had some problems that I saw accidentally when I wanted to check how it works (after months from my last visit) and I saw that it’s not broken and needs updates. The .uk domain has been bought from someone else (you know the companies that say: if you’re interested for this domain fill in the form etc). The main problem is that when I log into the wp-admin from the address it immediately redirects to the .uk. Any advice would be really helpful here on how to prevent this redirection to the .uk domain and stay on

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  1. Delete all root files, except wp-config.php.

    Delete /wp-admin and /wp-includes

    Upload clean folders from a clean archive.

    Replace all plugins with clean ones.

    Download your theme an check yout index.php, functions.php, header.php for malitious code.

    Install clouduflare, wordfence, protect your /wp-admin with basic auth


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