Sitemap.rss 4XX error – broken link. Using RankMath

I messed around too much with some SEO plugins, uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of different ones, and I’ve now ended up with the following lines in my site’s robots.txt:

Sitemap: \[site\]/sitemap.xml

Sitemap: \[site\]/sitemap.rss

I just did a SEMRush site audit, and it says there’s a 4XX error with \[site\]/sitemap.rss. SEMRush and Google Search Console show that sitemap.xml is fine (I haven’t added sitemap.rss as a property to GSC, since I’m guessing I want it gone anyway).

I don’t know how sitemap.rss got created, but I’m assuming it should just be gone?

I’m using RankMath. When I go to ‘Edit robots.txt’ in RankMath, it doesn’t show the /sitemap.rss, only the /sitemap.xml. RankMath is showing a robots.txt that’s different to the actual one that’s there when I navigate to my robots.txt in a browser. In fact, it’s weirder than this. If I go to \[site\]/robots.txt in Microsoft Edge, the same browser where I’m logged into WP, my robots.txt doesn’t show the sitemap.rss. But in every other browser (and on different devices), it shows sitemap.rss.

I’m stuck – any advice?


In fact, RankMath shows the robots.txt as containing /sitemap\_index.xml, not /sitemap.xml. But in browsers the actual \[site\]/robots.txt shows as /sitemap.xml and /sitemap.rss


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