Sitemap URL link say “Page could not be found”

Hey @marcel12345678,

Thank you for using Yoast SEO and reaching out!

We understand your sitemap isn’t functioning as it should, so let’s see what’s going on.

I opened up /sitemap_index.xml and /?sitemap=1 on your site, but both URLs are indeed giving a 404. Can you double check under Yoast SEO → General → Features (tab) → Sitemaps: check if the toggle is set to “On”. If it is on “On” already, please simply set it to “Off” and click the Save changed button at the bottom. Then set it back to “On” and Save again. Then check if the sitemaps are functioning.

If there are still not, please go to Settings → Permalinks and hit the Save changes button (but without making any changes above the button). Does it work then?

double check it both, and still not working 🙁

Hey @marcel12345678,

Thank you for your reply.

The next step would be to update Yoast SEO to 19.5.1 (you’re running 19.3 currently).

Apart from that, I checked a few random pages on your site again and it seems that all the ones I opened have a noindex meta tag on them. If everything is on noindex, it is expected that we don’t create sitemaps as that implies that you don’t want them indexed.

Can you please check under Settings → Reading if the checkbox “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” isn’t checked by any chance? If it is, and you want your site indexed, you should not have this enabled.

Thanks, I updated and same result. The button “Discourage search” it’s off, so it should not be making that no index.

I check inside search appereance > Type of content > pages, the checkbox show pages was inactive. I activated and reset config, and it works 🙂



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