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SVI has is own variations gallery, where you can easily build all the corresponding images.

please have a look at the Youtube video or read the article here:

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thanks for your quick reply.

Maybe I wasn’t specific enough: The exemplary product has two different attributes (e.g. clasp and size). There are three different versions of clasps (e.g. silver, blue and bronze). There are three SVI galleries corresponding to the clasp attributes. So far, so good. This is what we’ve been working with for years.

However, when I enable the “Slider” option in SVI, the functionality completely stops working in the frontend. Instead of having three galleries corresponding to the clasp attributes, I have one big gallery which I can slide through. I was wondering if this is the intended behavior, as it would make the rest of the plugin basically useless?


Can you share the link? Im guessing that it’s not the SVI gallery being displayed.


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