Slider Thumbnails disappeared and are now causing problems

I have been using your Product Video Gallery for Woo Commerce for months, and it has worked fine.

Last week, I noticed that all the videos were missing out of my listings! Only a box with an “X” showed instead of the video thumbnails.

I went back into each listing, and just “saved/updated” it again, and the videos showed again. (This was a PITA to do on dozens of listings.)

This worked except for three listings….

I went back to investigate today, and where last week the listings were showing the “X” in place of the video, now all three listings are totally screwed up. Nothing is showing on the page except for the image itself. None of the description, pricing, etc., is showing.

The videos are fine on YouTube. If I save the listing without the video link, it works and shows fine. If I add the video link again, the whole listing screws up again.

Do you have any idea why this is happening on these three listings or why all the videos went “missing” in the first place?

I am using Version


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