Some parts of site not displaying while logged in

I have what I consider to be a really weird problem. A few days ago, I noticed my featured section on my homepage was not displaying; there was just a blank space where it should be (it’s a slider showing images linking to my most recent posts). Recipe cards are also not showing on recipe posts, though the ‘jump to recipe’ button is still there; it just goes to the spot where the recipe should be. I went looking for additional problems, and found that the filters on my recipe search page don’t work either. They are meant to be drop down menus but clicking them does nothing. These filters are added by my theme.

When I opened the site in another browser, everything was working fine. It turns out these issues are only present when I am logged in, regardless of the browser. So I guess I’m glad that other people can see my site correctly, but I am still worried about this issue and what it could mean.

I’ve been pretty self-sufficient with this blog so far, but I can’t even Google this problem because it comes up with people having issues with their site only displaying correctly while logged in, and my issue is the reverse.

I have tried clearing the cache, both in the browser (though I figured out the browser is not the issue) and the website. There was an update for both my theme and WordPress available so I did both of those and they did not fix the issue.

As far as I can remember, I haven’t updated any plugins since the website last looked right; I checked the few plugins that can auto-update too.

Using dev tools shows that the featured section and recipes appear to be there but just don’t display when I’m logged in.

I feel like this could be a theme issue (my theme is Tinysalt) but the 6 months support I got with my theme has expired (without me ever needing to use it) and I don’t really want to pay $45 so they can help me if I can avoid it (my site is just a hobby at this point and isn’t making money or anything).

Has anyone experienced something like this before, or does anyone have any ideas? Also, if I were to activate another theme to see if the theme really is the culprit, will my current one keep all its settings if I go back to it?


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