some tables does not turn responsive

Yes, some tables are not compatible and are skipped. The first thing I see about this table is that it has merged cells at the bottom. This is one reason to skip it. On this page under the Cons section I have listed which tables are skipped:
Try making the last row that has merged cells into a separate table or a div layer that is right below your table, so your table does not have merged cells.

Thank you for your answer, for the unsupported tables is there any way to add <div style=”overflow-x:auto;”> before <table> automatically so it will have horizontal scrolling? So there will be no tables that will be unsupported. If there is a way please help me. Thank you again. As you can see here it will fix everything.

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For now I am not adding new features, but you should be able to do this globally by adding this custom css code on your site without adding a div:

@media (max-width:1023px) {
.entry-content table:not(.mtr-table) {
    overflow-x: auto;
    display: block;

It will affect all tables inside your post content, that do not have the mtr-table class (so not affected by my plugin), making them scrollable on screens smaller than 1024px. And you can edit the code to your needs if you need it to affect more pages or screen sizes.

It is working! Thank you so much


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