“Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page” after logging into WP-Admin

I swear I’ve had the worst luck with WordPress the past few months. My server admin recently did some tinkering to the server, and as of the last 24 hours I have been unable to login to the Dashboard. I initially had an infinite redirect loop, that kept the login page from even opening. My server admin told me “Cloudflare was redirecting http to https which it’s supposed to do, and for some reason, WP was redirecting https back to http which makes zero sense. I found some code to paste in wp-config that prevented that”

Sure enough I was able to get to the login page, but now I’m having the error in the title of this post. I’ve tried deleting .htaccess, checking file permissions, and even disabling plugins. Absolutely no dice. The public facing website works and isn’t down. I just can’t get into my dashboard. Any other ideas? I feel like my website just doesn’t want to work 😂

  1. ~~Might be a redirect in .htaccess?~~
    Wait, why would you delete htaccess? Have you recreated it and added the https redirect?

    Have you added the standard WordPress code?

    As for https, do you have an SSL, and is it redirecting to SSL?

    Also, can you change the URL in wp-config to just be http so you can login using ‘Advanced’ (if there’s still a https issue?).

  2. That “and for some reason” part of your admin’s message needs troubleshooting. Surprised they didn’t find the root of that issue before pasting in a band-aid code fix.


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