Sorting of values in an attribute of a variation product (dates)

Well i still try to solve it myself, but at least i think now why i got the sorting issue. It seems like wordpress/woocommerce stops the sorting process after the first 2 numbers of the List. From what i can see it does do a sorting, but its based on only on the first 2 numbers. It looks like:


Not sure it has something to do with the punctuation we use in the EU to write down a date. So i guess i would need to find a way that the sorting counts all numbers into that process? At least i guess that would solve it. But if anybody got an good idear, i would still be very thankfull.

Okay little update, i changed the Format to:


Now that does Woocommerce recognize to sort it excatly like i want… but honestly, i don´t want the / format for my dates, i would really prefer the . for my date formats.

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Solution: The date format in wordpress settings was set to j. F Y
I just set it to costumized format d.m.y and the sorting worked.

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