stall in calculation and i cant fix it

Same for me, would love some solution to this.

Hi! Same for me!

And Debug log show it:

[20-Nov-2022 19:18:50 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Football Pool => default ranking with ID 1 is missing in the pool_wp_rankings table in /wp-content/plugins/football-pool/admin/class-football-pool-admin-score-calculation.php on line 1080

Any solution?

@andrepiovesan thanks for posting the error. For you this error can be resolved by adding the default ranking back in the database. Please try executing the below query in a tool like phpMyAdmin:

INSERT INTO pool_wp_rankings (id, name, user_defined, calculate) VALUES (1, 'default ranking', 0, 1);

@elmariachi09 @pafelopez124 if you post the error in your error log, I may be able to help you. Without this info I do not know what the root cause is.

Thank you @antoineh!
It worked! 🙂

i had the same log thatandre. do the insert and now works. Thxs!


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