Starting out and excited

Hey so I am 18, I first learned html, css, js, react, and then wordpress. Completed Odin Project’s JS w projects and Onto react course, things are going great

I built my [portfolio website]( and now on the part of getting clients, I will offer first few websites for free,

I went on yellow pages and I’m niching down so I started targeting graphic designers(because I have learned graphic design and I know their language) who need a website, phew did about a 100 calls and most numbers are non-existent.

I have other options, such as my LinkedIn and Social, but I have to grow either of those.

Can you suggest me a way to get my first three clients?

Also, out of the topic but what should I post on my Instagram? If I use content as a medium to reach out

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  1. sign up to fiverr and make a really nice profile. And on freelancer pay for bids and bid non stop. Get reviews and keep plugging away


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