Store locator that supports individual pages for each location

I’ve been tasked with adding a store finder to a site I built out last year running WordPress and Elementor. The big requirement is that it can’t just show the locations on a map, or a small info box; it must also link to a “store info” page that would be a full-featured standalone page for each individual store.

The individual store page could be a part of the store finder software, or the store finder could link out to a store page (that I would create myself as a custom post type in WordPress). Either way, it’s critical that the store page be able to run on a template that I create myself.

[]) is a good example for the flow I am after:

Store finder: [])
Individual location: [])

**Other requirement:**
\- No recurring subscription. One-time purchase or open source.

**Not required but strongly desired:**
\- Auto-suggest cities in location field
\- Auto-detect location





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