Stretch Masonry items vertically

I’m working on a website through Oxygen in WP and it has a Masonry function that I’m trying to use but without getting the result I wish for, and I guess the issue lies with how Masonry calculates the space + dimension of images.

I’m getting [this]( result, but I want to achieve (image done in Photoshop) [this](

I’m trying to get Masonry to arrange and crop images to create a grid with no gaps (only the padding) in a given sized div.

Now I honestly don’t know if this is a CSS or JS problem, especially as Oxygen lets you modify a Masonry grid only by its given options, but maybe someone has some ideas (can also be alternative to Masonry) to achieve the result? I do not want to prepare 1 big image in Photoshop as ultimately the images they will need to be clickable to open, but also the grid has to react responsively on different devices.

Would love some directions on this!

Thanks a lot in advance!

[Here in case you want to see the website](


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