Stuck in a redirect loop

Hi! So I’m trying to login to a WordPress site for my job and each time I login, I’m automatically redirected to our website home page. I can’t get into the back end at all, even if I pull up other urls that I had used previously. This issue started a few days ago after previously I had no trouble logging in and editing.

I’ve tried clearing my history all time, including cache and cookies. None of my coworkers are having this issue. My supervisor deleted and recreated an account for me, and I’ve even tried logging in on my phone and on another browser—nothing works, I still get redirected. Would appreciate any help!

  1. Sounds like someone has installed a plugin to obscure the login url. That’s a common “security by obscurity” technique.

    If no one can tell you the url, you’ll need to access the server by SFTP to rename the security plugin folder.


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