Subscriber tags not added to MailChimp via MC4WP Integration

Plugin Contributor



I assume you’re using the custom integration method?
The form ID won’t be available via an action argument, but it will e available via $_POST[‘_hf_form_id’]

add_filter( 'mc4wp_integration_woocommerce_subscriber_data', function( MC4WP_MailChimp_Subscriber $subscriber ) {

if (isset($_POST['_hf_form_id']) && $_POST['_hf_form_id'] == 250328) {
        $subscriber->tags[] = 'Tag 1';
    } else if (isset($_POST['_hf_form_id']) && $_POST['_hf_form_id'] == 250329) {
        $subscriber->tags[] = 'Tag 2';

    return $subscriber;

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, please let me know!


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