Super confused with wordpress. Any advice is welcome

Hi Anyone, so I’ve been trying to use the wordpress woocommerce to set up a simple store by myself. I have many questions as follows:

1. At this beginning stage I just want to test a few themes and make my site as I want without having to pay for it. But I can’t seem to get around anything without being asked to buy a plan and this is before I even get to do anything. I’ve read everywhere that it is free but I am immediately pushed to a paid plan.

2. I’ve clicked on many ‘start a site’, ‘name a site’ etc.. so I’m very confused are wordpress sites and woo commerce separate sites? Do I directly click on the woocommerce and start from there?

3. I know that there is online wordpress and the one you install on desktop. Which is better for an online store?

4. Following point number 3 is the interface for the online and app version of wordpress different? Because the tutorials I see on youtube have something like a dashboard on the upperleft corner which I don’t see.

5. I’ve kinda selected a theme to edit in the wordpress and if I make a store here, is the woocommerce a different site I need to rebuild? Or can I later migrate the one I made in wordpress to the woo? Should I directly use woo?

6. This is far less intuitive then I expected. And I am familiar with the sims builder mode and little adobe illustrator. Do normal people have a problem like I do, or am I just stupid? Do I need a web-designer after all?

Truth be told I don’t even know if im asking the correct questions, im feeling super defeated. I just need someone to get help me get started and just design the site to until im ready to publish.


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