SVG Image very tiny only on portrait mode on mobile Fine everywhere else. Help?

Hey y’all. I’m short on funds and attempting to build this website as best I can so that I have something clients can view. For this image only, on mobile view in portrait mode, the image shrinks. I don’t know how small, but enough that I thought it disappeared until I saw a tiny speck on the screen.

I am using the most basic editor with Elementor, and to adjust CSS would cost me money. I am hoping someone can help me solve this.


Things I have tried:

Deleting and re-inserting the picture with a new upload.

Deactivating and reactivating plugins one by one.

Messing with the width and adjustments in the wordpress editor and elementor.

Turning “responsive visibility” on and off.

Adjusting margins and padding as that is the only thing that changed from when it worked to when it didn’t work.


No luck on any of this. Can anyone help?




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