Tablepress, alternate row background using rowspan


thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

#1: From what I can see, this looks as expected, with the merged cells. Can you maybe explain what you would like to have shown differently?

#2: Just as you are setting in the CSS, the alternating row colors are a shade of orange and white for me. Are you seeing something else?



I would like to use color code #d66802 for the even rows,

I would want the rows to shade every other Member Name. Keeping all the Cars, Info & Pictures to be shaded to;


Name 1 Car 1 Info picture

Car 2 Info picture

Name 2 Car 3 Info picture

Name 3 Car 4 Info picture

Name 4 Car 5 Info picture

Name 1 and its data would be white background

Name 2 and Car 2 Info and Picture along with Car 3 Info and picture would be shaded.

Name 3 Ca 4r info and picture white background

Namr 4 car 5 and info would be shaded.

See for example.


ah, I see what you mean! Then, you’d have to use a slightly different approach and change the colors for each row separately, via, and repeat that for each row and the desired color.



no problem, you are very welcome! 🙂 Good to hear that this helped!

Best wishes,


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