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thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

That text is actually the page’s title. In technical terms, you can see it in the HTML <title tag when using the “View source” feature in the browser, and you can also see it in the browser’s or tab’s title bar.
It essentially consists of the page’s title and the site’s title.

To change how that appears in the Print view, you can add this to the “Custom Commands” text field on the table’s “Edit” screen:

"buttons":["pdf",{"extend":"print","title":"Your title"}]

In addition, I recommend to a fix an unrelated small issue: It seems that on this page, the Shortcode has been inserted in a “Code” block (which generates HTML <pre> tags around the Shortcode. Please change that to a “Shortcode” block, or, if you are not using any blocks here, check that there is not HTML code like <pre> and </pre> around the Shortcode.


hi Tobias

it´s working very good now but now i changed the color i 2 rows but if i push print, they are don´t the color?

Regards jesper

how can i change row 18 to a header like row 1?

you have a fantasic program here 🙂

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that’s expected. The Print view can not take into account color changes, unfortunately. One reason is that these likely would not be printed anyways, as the browser’s print features often don’t print colors.

As for that row 18: Delete the extra empty rows from the table and then enable the “Table Footer” checkbox below the table input fields. 🙂


But there are now something under that row 18? fund the color change but not the text change so it´s like the header 🙂

And now i am finish and the print version are there the header on every site? can i chabge that?

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it is also come whit this when i will save changes

Det lykkedes ikke at gemme: AJAX call failed: parsererror – SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input. Try again while holding down the “Shift” key.


ah, ok, I see. Row 18 is an intermediate row. Then, your current way of giving it a color with CSS code is the proper way. Unfortunately, I’m not aware to have this show in color in the Print view, for the reasons outlined above. Sorry 🙁

As for that AJAX error: Does that still happen? I haven’t really seen that before and can only assume that it was a temporary network glitch, maybe.


ok thanks 🙂

And now i am finish and the print version are there the header on every site? can i change that?


the repetition of the header row is automatically done by the browser for very long tables that span multiple pages when printed.

If you don’t want that, I can only think of the possibility to insert a new empty row at the top of the table, which will then be the header row. Your current header row will then be a normal table row and should only be shown at the top of the first page when printed then. You’d of course have to adjust the row numbers in your “Custom CSS” a little bit then.


ok thank you so much.. 🙂


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