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Hello. For some time now, I have installed your fabulous plugin on my test site.
Until now I have done several tests (forgive the redundancy) but, I must be failing in something.
I will explain:

  • To start, I made a list with ALL the JS files that my site has
  • Then, I was installing one by one inside v/plugin. Why?
    Well. Because when installing some scripts, the Elementor Editor did NOT work for me.
    Ergo, those scripts that caused me problems with Elementor, I passed them to W3TC () [() That is, they are being Minimized/Deferred by that other plugin]Personally, I would have wanted to install ALL my JS in Flying but, as you said, this brought me the above conflicts.
    Why do I prefer v/plugin? Because, it helps me solve:
    1) The Total Blocking Time (in Google Pagespeed tests)
    2) It also helped me (and still does) to pass the Pingdom Tools test () () That is, the more JS I have in Flying, the better results.
    That being said, then what is the problem? Simple.
    It seems to me that I am still NOT clear about the concept of v/pluging. This is…
    a) Do I have to put the JS in the order of appearance? EITHER…
    b) Do I have to do it in reverse? () () 1st. those that do NOT “appear”.

Let’s see if I can be more “explicit”. Here is a document that contains:
A) The order of appearance of the JS NOT included in W3TC, when Flying Scripts is activated.
A.1) In Home
A.2) On a Pillar Page with +43 thousand words, heh.
A.3) On another Pilar Page that, as of this writing, has +22 thousand words ¯_(ツ)_/¯
A.4) In an Entry (And yes. Also with many words, heh).

B) The order of appearance of the JS NOT included in W3TC but, with Flying Scripts DISABLED
Note: Obviously, B.1) – B.2) – B.3) and B.4) are the same as in A)

C) What I called Combined. That is, those that appear in the order of priority in the pages/entrance mentioned above () () Obviously respecting the “patterns” that MOST repeat themselves.
ALL the other JS that do NOT appear in the Chrome JS Console but that, if I don’t include them in Flying (nor – obviously – in W3TC) would give me “error” (In Pagespeed).

That is to say, in the Chrome JS Console ONLY the 1st ones appear. JS but, in Pagespeed EVERYONE in Listing C.

Anyway. I hope you understand, heh.

Summing up (Put it).
What I need to know is…
Should I put 1st. the JS that appear in the JS Console or, put them at the end and, before loading – in Flying Scripts – those that do NOT appear in the Console but DO in Pagespeed?

I await your comments.

From already thank you very much.


P.d 1: Here is the List of Scripts mentioned above;

P.d 2: If you want to do tests, let me know, I deactivate your plugin and let you see for yourself, how these JS load (With and Without Flying Scripts activated).

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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