The 3D map on the website

Hello guys,

I’ve made the website for the one festival where few viners have to show up. I need to add a map of the country in 3D on the site which has pins with a few locations on it. When you click on the pin it sends you to the page of the vinery, how i can achieve this? I thought about using Spline but I don’t know is it possible to add pins to that map. I’m a little in low knowledge of coding, but if u you have some tutorials I think I can follow them.

P.S Also I’m opened for 2D solutions maybe could look even better than 3D

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  1. I’ve seen a solution where on each post you can add a custom field with location/google map, and then this can be represented on a 2D map on a selection page. I cannot remember the name of plugin used though – So it’s possible using ACF+something else.


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