The Domain Name

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the virtual address of your site. The domain name is structured in the following way:
[protocol] HTTP/HTTPS & www/non-www (naked)
[address] yourcompanyname
[Top-level domain aka TLD] it can be .com/org/net/info, national (.us, .uk, .ro, .it, .de, etc).

Hint: If you plan to build a local site (ex: a travel site about Norway), you should choose the .no TLD. .com (commercial) TLD’s are the most wanted, so if your site have the .com available, grab it.

Where to buy the domain name?

You can buy the domain name and the future virtual address of your site from any domain name provider. Hawk Host also provide domain names, so you can grab yours by accessing (this link – aff).

How to add on domain in cPanel?

To add the domain into cPanel, after you bought the domain name, you should follow these steps:

  2. Go to SERVICES
  3.  Click on your service
  4. Login into cPanel
  5. Type “addon” in the search bar or go to the “Domains” section and click on “Addon Domains”
  6. On the “Create an Addon Domain”, insert your domain name (yourchosenname + the TLD extension: If you want to use the FTP, check the “Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain.” box. Learn more here about what is FTP and how to use it. Don’t forget to save your FTP login credentials into a local folder on your computer.
  7. Click on “Add domain name”.

Note: You don’t have to insert the domain name with www. . Just the name and the TLD.

Setting Up Nameservers

If you bought the domain name from another provider, you have to connect your domain name with the hosting, through nameservers.
Domain names point to domain name servers (DNS) to route the correct web page to the user’s web browser window.

In order to link your domain name with the hosting server, you have to update the domain name servers (DNS) for your domain name from wherever they are currently pointing, to point to the Hosting Name Servers.

You’ll need to login to the registrar account where your domain name is currently registered and update the name servers to point to your hosting account name servers. Once you make the change, you must be patient. The name servers can take anywhere from a few minutes to even 72h to update. You should change them now, this way they’ll hopefully be ready by the time you’re finished installing the WordPress CMS.

Updating name servers is different based on where your domain name is registered, so you’ll probably have to consult with the registrar where you registered your domain name if you need help with this step. Also, you’ll have to double check with your web host for the correct hosting name servers to point to.

How nameservers looks like?

In case your a customer of, the nameservers should be and (please double check, because it may change).



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