The drop-down list |

Looked at all the topics, but could not find a solution. I’m asking for help. There is a list of three drop-down boxes. Depending on the choice, we enter the data. I need to get certain data in the calculations. For example: if I select “Amperage”, then the result data should count –

if(!AND(fieldname2, fieldname40)) return “;

var result = fieldname2/fieldname40;
if(fieldname3>fieldname2) return ‘Oops!!! Reduce LED forward’; if I select

another variable, then I need

if(!AND(fieldname2, fieldname3)) return “;

var result =fieldname2/fieldname3;

if(fieldname3>fieldname2) return ‘Oops!!! Reduce LED forward’;

and so on.

For the third variable, there will be a third formula.

How can this be put together so that, depending on the selection in the drop-down list, calculations are performed only in one window.

In this case, each calculation should be accompanied by the following inscriptions: the first formula is “Current strength”, the second formula is “Voltage”


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